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Meander Bible Tours offer faith-strengthening tours for Jehovah’s Witnesses and their friends. As well as 9 different tours at the British Museum (lasting about an hour each), we conduct Bible tours at the Natural History Museum, London, the Old Royal Observatory in Greenwich and in the British Library. We also conduct a tour in London from the group’s coach, and a walking tour at Westminster.

Our approach to all of our Tours is to develop scriptural themes – which really is quite different. Our experienced guides are congregation elders and/or in full-time service and their expressions reflect a deep love for Jehovah.

Meander Bible Tours’ aim is to build appreciation for Jehovah and his written word the Bible as well as to provide an environment in which to enjoy wholesome Christian association, ensuring that everyone who joins our tours finds the experience spiritually uplifting and refreshing. This requires that Tour operator, guide and visitor have the same objective – to give all credit to Jehovah and his organisation.  The tours are a great resource for family worship activities.

We would kindly request that you dress respectfully (as you would for a meeting at the Kingdom Hall or visiting Bethel). Jesus said his genuine followers would be in the world and yet no part of it. This is possible because they adhere to the high standards and principles set out in God’s Word. Jehovah’s Witnesses visiting the British Museum have gained an excellent reputation over the years for their orderly conduct and exemplary dress, giving a fine witness.

Meander Bible Tours guides are pleased to conduct tours at the British Museum and other locations in London for Jehovah’s Witnesses and their friends.

Some guides have over 30 years of continuous experience as Tour Guides at the British Museum and have conducted thousands of tours – at the British Museum, British Library, Greenwich, Westminster, the City of London, the Natural History Museum drawing from their experience of guiding in Egypt, Greece, Israel, Italy, Jordan and Turkey.

Museums are Closed. Travel is Restricted. But Tours are Now Available!

``Virtual`` Bible Tours Are Now Available

As a result of the pandemic, tours at the British Museum, Natural History Museum, British Library and other London sites are cancelled until further notice.

We have been carefully monitoring the situation with regard to Coronavirus, and you will probably be aware of the far reaching precautions implemented by Jehovah’s organisation. We have decided to apply these principles to our tours recognising the protective care that underpin the decisions made.

However, we have developed “Virtual” Bible Tours  and these have been very well received. 

Just to explain, the “Virtual Tours” are not just a streamed video, but interactive with a “live” guide using Zoom. Your guide will be an experienced tour guide often with decades of experience in conducting Bible tours. They are unpaid volunteers and are happy to conduct the “Virtual Tours” for their spiritual family and interested ones.

If you are interested in arranging a “virtual tour” please use the booking form . At this time, we are offering the following tours in this format…

British Museum

Tour 2 – Jehovah Is A God of True Prophecy

Tour 6 –  “Choose for Yourselves”

Tour 9 –  “Keep your Eyes on the Prize”

Tour 13 – Hold Fast to What is Fine

British Library

Tour 7 –  “The Bible and It’s Fight to Live!”

Natural History Museum, London

Tour 14 – “In an Awe-Inspiring Way I am Wonderfully Made”

Tour 15 – “His Invisible Qualities Are Clearly Seen”

Although the guides are unpaid volunteers, we do need to charge a small amount for the Administration of the tours with 50p per individual being donated to the respective Museum. The cost is  – Adults £3.00 per tour, 5-15 years 50p per tour.

To book please complete the online booking form.  Upon receipt of payment your Zoom link will be emailed to you.

Please note that the telephone and email systems are not manned outside UK office hours.

Have you sent in a booking request form, but not heard back from us?

``Virtual`` Tour Booking Requests

Demand for our virtual tours have been very great – we have had many join us on the tours from all around the world, including large numbers from Australia, USA, Canada and South Africa. While this has been a real joy, it has also over-whelmed the guides we have available and our administration staff.

If you have submitted a booking request form but not had the confirmation back from us as to your tour date and time, please do NOT assume it will go ahead at the date and time you requested! Before contacting us, you may find the answer in the Virtual Tour section of our Frequently Asked Questions.

Did you know?

Meander Bible Tours Limited.
Please note, this website is for Jehovah’s Witnesses looking for tours at the British Museum and London and ‘Virtual’ tours conducted by the original Meander Bible Tour Guides.

Supporting the British Museum

Meander Bible Tours contributes 50p from every adult booking in support of the British Museum (or Natural History Museum) on behalf of the hundreds of thousands of Jehovah’s Witnesses visiting from around the world who have booked a Tour with us – even for the ‘Virtual’ tours!

Our Bible Tours

Tour 1: The Stones are Crying Out

Although propaganda, the unearthed Assyrian Stones cry out that the

Tour 2: Jehovah is a God of True Prophecy

Jehovah alone is the true God, able to foretell the

Tour 3: This is History Written in Advance

Alexander the Great his sudden rise to fame - his

Tour 4: Problems Faced by Early Christians

What problems did first century Christians in Greece and Rome

Tour 5: Surviving a Famine

What was the inspired arrangement to survive the seven year

Tour 6: 'Choose for Yourselves' (Joshua 24:14-15)

You will be surprised to learn of Egyptian customs and

Tour 7: The Bible and its Fight to Live

The contents of the Bible make it clear that it

Tour 8: Examples of Loyal Obedience

Travel to Ur to learn what sacrifices Abraham and Sarah

Tour 9: 'Keep your Eyes on the Prize'

Rome was renowned for its mighty army. How could a
Tower Bridge on the River Thames

Tour 10: The Rise and Rule of the 7th World Power

Coach Tour. Though not specifically named, London figured at the

Tour 11: 'Time Matters'

How important is knowing the time accurately? What has it

Tour 12: United in a Disunited World

Tour begins opposite the Houses of Parliament. Walk through the

Tour 13: Hold Fast to What is Fine

What connection is there between the people of first century

Tour 14: In an awe-inspiring way I am wonderfully made

How do our own bodies highlight the Creator’s qualities of

Tour 15: His invisible qualities are clearly seen

Romans 1:20 states that Jehovah's invisible qualities are perceived by

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