On Saturday we tested presenting a “virtual” tour with a live commentary to a group from Tottenham Hale congregation in London.

Unfortunately, their original tour in the Natural History Museum was one that was cancelled due to the current circumstances.

We received feedback following their “virtual tour” from the group today…..


Dear brothers and sisters at Meander,

On behalf of our group I just wanted to express how much we enjoyed the virtual tour on Saturday. It was a resounding success and we want to thank you so much for making it possible.

My group really loved it, so much so we would be very interested in doing tour number 15 as a virtual tour if it’s available. Please let us know if we could book for that and how much that would be.

Due to a sound issue at the very beginning of the tour we missed our tour guides name. Please pass on our thanks and appreciation for his hard work.

Thanks again for providing such faith strengthening tours in these last of the last days.

Warm Christian love,

Tottenham Hale congregation

If you are interested in arranging a “virtual tour” in the Natural History Museum, please email or phone us. At this time, we are offering both Tour 14 – “In an Awe-Inspiring Way I am Wonderfully Made” and Tour 15“His Invisible Qualities Are Clearly Seen” using Zoom. We hope to make “virtual tours” of the British Museum available too in the near future.

Further to our recent post about Coronavirus and the suspension of all our tours at least until the 1st June, the British Museum and the Natural History Museum have announced that their buildings are closed until further notice.

We are sorry to announce that all British Museum, Natural History Museum and other tours scheduled up to 1st June 2020 are now cancelled.

We have been carefully monitoring the situation with regard to Coronavirus, and you will probably be aware of the far reaching precautions implemented by Jehovah’s organisation. We have decided to apply these principles to our tours recognising the protective care that underpin the decisions made.

Should you have any tours booked within the next few months our office staff will be contacting you – if not already done so. It is our hope we can re-commence very soon, but we will wait for further advice from the secular and theocratic authorities. If you have a booking for June 2020 and after, please continue to check this website for the latest information and please ensure you contact us before making any travel arrangements.

Please note that the telephone and email systems are not manned outside hours.

These groups just made it before our ‘Coronavirus lockdown’. They included visitors from Mexico, Finland, France and Canada, and their lovely smiles and waves brings a tear when we think how we will miss the wonderful visitors and faith-strengthening tours in the comming weeks.

They benefitted from Tour 9 (‘Keep Your Eyes on the Prize’) and Tour 13 –  ‘Hold Fast to What is Fine’. Let’s hope we will be able to re-commence the tours very soon.

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The tours for Saturday 14th March 2020 will still go ahead.

However, we are carefully monitoring the situation with regard to Coronavirus and strive to keep up to date with the advice provided by Jehovah’s organisation and the authorities (Government and Museums – British Museum & Natural History).

While at this time we feel it is unnecessary to cancel the tours as a whole, of course, the decision to join the tours sits with each visitor or family head, and the responsibility will rest with them. We would not recommend that anyone at risk (over 70 or with underlying health issue) should attend a tour. Therefore we understand if any prospective visitor wishes to cancel their tour. For those attending the tours, it would be good to observe the precautions and advice provided by both theocratic and secular sources – that is to avoid shaking hands and to wash hands regularly and thoroughly, for example.

If you do decide to cancel, or if the numbers in the group are significantly reduced, please contact us as soon as possible, but definitely no later than 24 hours before your tour.

As the situation is rapidly changing, please check this page regularly for updates. Please note that the telephone and email systems are not manned outside hours.