We have just had a wonderful virtual tour with [your guide] this morning. A few brothers have asked to pass on our gratitude to her for the tour and how well she conducted the tour.  

It was so encouraging to see how the exhibits fit in with Jehovah’s creation and for many in our group, it was their first virtual museum tour.  More to follow no doubt.  We also had a couple of bible studies on there so really faith building for them too. 

Shirley, Birmingham Congregation

Hi brothers

My daughter and I wanted to express our appreciation for the tour we attended.

We appreciated it very much, enjoyed it immensely and learned a lot.

We enjoyed [the guide’s] commentary very much.

Thank you for the hard work put in by all involved.

Warm Christian love to all

Papakura, Auckland, New Zealand

I just wanted to take a moment to let you know how amazed we were with our tour this past Saturday.  We took the tour “Jehovah is a God of true prophesy” with [Guide]. What an amazing tour guide – I could have listened to him all day.  The tour was so fabulous, so much intriguing information presented in such a short time.  The artifacts were so fascinating and then to tie them in with the bible…..a beautiful gift from JehovahOur group was amazed and delighted! 
Thank you for fitting us into your busy schedule.  It is a tour we will treasure for a very long time!
Our love and greetings from Oregon, in the United States.

Thank you dear brother for giving us such a wonderful tour.  Usually people will take museum tours and look at the exhibits and remark how interesting and informative it was.  But the spiritual element, the most important part is missing.  This tour really inspired us to draw lessons from ALL creation and learn about Jehovah’s loving ways even in how a sawfish gives birth!  And to imagine the innovation and creativity that will be sparked in the new world with our connection with Jehovah even more intimate and all creation cooperating together-the possibilities are so exciting to think about.  Thank you for expanding our the vista of the new world in a pandemic no less!  A true spiritual paradise that we are currently living in to see that from all the way in the UK you can deeply affect our faith and appreciation all the way here in Dominica. Thank you so very much for playing your part in strengthening us. 

Love Jeff and Sang Mikel, Dominica, Caribbean

Dear Friends,

Our hearts are so full of gratitude for this lovely experience. The virtual tour we did was outstanding! Our guide had such a love and appreciation for the information he shared with us. He really helped to build excitement and enthusiasm for Bible research, understanding and opening our eyes to see visible proof of Bible prophecy fulfilled. It has helped to build our faith even more. One friend in our group said, “That was one of my favourite things we’ve done! Putting all those details together helps us to trust God’s Word even more.” Another said, “That was pretty amazing!” Yet another said, “That tour was so awesome!”

Thank you once more for your well organized virtual tour, friendliness and love on such a fulfilling occasion and for allowing us to enjoy it with friends from around the globe.

Your Spiritual Family in Missouri & Oregon, USA

Dear Brother/Sisters
Just finished my Tour with […] and wanted to thank both him and you for your work and enthusiasm. Certainly have lot to mediate on as it was brought to life through the scriptures I have read many, many times before.
Christian love to you all
[Chester le Street Congregation]

I wanted to let you know that we enjoyed the tour very much. [The guide’s] enthusiasm and love for the subject really shone through and was extremely informative, enjoyable and encouraging. Would see it all over again!!
[Woodford Congregation]

Thank you so, so much for providing our excellent bible tour. I just wanted to mention the wonderful responses from the brothers. They were absolutely delighted and thrilled with the enthusiastic presentation from our brother [….]. Psalm 139 Will never be the same again. It really fired the imagination. Thank you.

Please do pass on our gratitude to [the guide], we were so pleased. He was very welcoming and very knowledgeable. It was nice to have our Australian cousins too. Though I think there were some shy Brummies, there was complete delight about the subject. How faith strengthening it was and how lively and interactive the presentation was. Virtual is not easy do well. Well done.

I have been asked if we can organise another.

[Birmingham Stockland Green, England]

Thank you so much for a wonderful guide through the Natural history Museum and the British  Museum in London.

We very much appreciate the opportunity we have to enjoy these excellent presentations by  the brothers to  provide knowledge that can build up our faith in Jehovah.

The tours have made it possible for us to visit while being restricted in our travel plans.

We wish you all the best in your endeavours to praise Jehovah and magnify his name.

Warm Christian love
Your sister

Dear friends,
We just wanted to express our appreciation for the faith strengthening bible tour that we did last week with your company.  [The Guide] helped us all to appreciate that Jehovah is the God of Prophecy! 
Thank you for all your efforts to continue to provide tours encouraging tours especially during these changing world conditions!
We would love to arrange another tour soon but we are aware that there is a huge demand. 
Kind regards,
New Farm Congregation, Australia. 

We wanted to tell you how much we enjoyed our tour! The information was presented in such a great way. It was also great to be able to meet and speak with our brothers and sisters across the globe.

Thank you so much for offering these virtual tours!

[Newport, WA]

Thank you for the wonderful tour this morning. When I was coming into the truth those prophecies relating to the destruction and rebuilding of Jerusalem were a touchstone for me and have remained so over the years. But the tour today reignited my interest in and appreciation for Jehovah as the fulfiller of prophecy and  has motivated me to reexamine those details with a view to strengthening my faith and appreciation. Thank you so much!

[Madison, Wisconsin]

Dear Brothers and sisters,

I ‘write’ in behalf of our friends to express appreciation for the fantastic faith strengthening Tour we did last night (New Zealand time). We so appreciate the effort put in to the tours and revel in the international Virtual Association.

Thank you all, heaps for these great tours. We look forward to enjoying more.

Please accept our Warm Christian Love

Glendene, Auckland, New Zealand🌸

Thanks so much for this tour, we thoroughly enjoyed it.  Our guide was so professional and informative. We would gladly recommend this tour to everyone.

Kind regards,
[Rochedale, Australia]

As a group we joined (a tour) with many brothers and sister’s from four continent’s and all thoroughly enjoyed tour 13 “Hold Fast to What is Fine” . It was so well organised with excellent information and teaching from our guide [..].  Very animated and up-building, eager for another tour as soon as possible.
Thank you for enriching our spirituality. – Leicester, UK.

Dear Brothers, 
 We just wanted to let you know that this morning’s tour was outstanding! It was amazing how many historical and spiritual gems could be packed into 60 minutes in a way that was entertaining and easy to follow. […] did an amazing job as a tour guide and we really appreciated his perspective and his research. 
Also, since some in our group will likely never visit the British Museum in person (and none of during this time of pandemic) we want to thank you for the extra work that was needed to extend the tour to a virtual format without completely sacrificing the full museum experience.
This was definitely a highlight of our month!
Your brother,

[Portuguese Congregation, Danbury, CT, USA]

Dear [Guide],

Thank you so so very much for your tour with us “Choose for Yourselves“ this past Saturday 9/5/20.  We’ve seen several tours with several different hosts and you were definitely one of our best!  

Everyone loved it!  Thank you for making it so very enjoyable and faith strengthening 


Chandler, Oklahoma

Dear brothers

Thank you so very much for arranging the Tour for us despite the tight schedules. We really enjoyed the the detailed information, seeing the evidence and reliving the past in Bible history.

Some students were excited and pleased to see that the things they recently learned and regularly discussed at meetings have now become part of their experiences.

Our guide was so knowledgeable and made the tour interesting. So much information given in a relatively short time! This is 2 days after it and we are still full!  We are an amazing brotherhood guided by Jehovah under his skilful direction. This tour strengthens our faith in God’s Word as we go through uncharted territory during these times.

Many thanks once again and we look forward to enjoying other tours.

Warm Christian love

Neasden Congregation

We have just finished our virtual tour and I would just like to say how much we all thoroughly enjoyed it. [Guide] did a brilliant job engaging with us and helping us to feel relaxed.

The tour brings to life so may facts that we can use in our ministry, but more than that, seeing how amazingly Jehovah has designed us just fills us with so much appreciation, love and awe for Him.   

It was lovely getting to speak with brothers and sisters from different parts of our brotherhood. We really are part of a unique organization.

What a wonderful God we worship.

Thank you brothers and sisters – Bridgend West

Dear Meander Tours,
THANK YOU for such an excellent tour this morning (PST time).  […] is an excellent tour guide and everyone in our group immensely enjoyed the tour. We appreciate that it was informative and presented clearly and professionally. Great use of images and presentation too. 
The friends in our group were from London, Turks & Caicos, Virginia, New York, New Jersey, Arkansas and various parts of California.
Thanks again for the great tour!
Kind regards