British Museum Tours

We ask our brothers and sisters to kindly respect a dress code.

Please remind every one in the group to dress as they would when attending a meeting at the Kingdom Hall or when visiting Bethel.

We have become well known in the British Museum for having modest and respectful attire and this has provided a powerful witness.

Of course, all on the tours will need to bring a bible – paper or electronic.

Tours are generally conducted on Saturdays, but midweek tours are available for CONGREGATIONS or GROUPS (minimum 15 persons) – perhaps in conjunction with your Bethel or Chelmsford visit.

Tours are conducted on Bank-Holiday Mondays’.

Times are- 10.15am, 11.15am, 1.15pm, 2.15pm.

Tours are also available for booking on…

  • Monday 22nd April 2019
  • Monday 6th May 2019
  • Monday 27th May 2019
  • Monday 26th August 2019
Yes providing this is for a CONGREGATION or a GROUP (minimum 15 persons).

Each tour in the Museums lasts 1 hour.

For Groups the following are available:

  • Tour 10 coach tour of London 2 hr 30 mins.
  • Tour 12 Walking tour in Westminster is 1 hr 15mins.

Two British Museum tours.  One in the morning and one in the afternoon.

If travelling with your own coach, you can combine one British Museum tour with one of the London Tours (10,11,12).

We will endeavor to accommodate your preferred Tour combination wherever possible.

We will be pleased to book you on a Tour for “Visitors”, brothers and sisters from any where in the world.

Congregations or groups of over 14 persons can select the tours of their choice.

Individual visitors, if you have a Tour preference, please mention it to the organisers upon arrival at the BM.  It may be possible to arrange.

Tours are conducted for groups of 15 persons (minimum) and 25 (maximum) in size.
If more than 25 person, some in the group may find it difficult to see exhibits.  You may have more than 1 group per booking.  If less than 15 please book as “individuals”.

Book online, telephone +44 20 8432 3423 or email informing us of the number in your party and the date you wish to come, we can then arrange a time for your tours.  On Group bookings of 15 persons we require email confirmation.

Group bookings can pay by cheque or bank transfer, once your invoice is received.

Individual bookings can pay by Bank transfer, cheque and cash on the day.

You are allowed to take photographs providing this is for personal use only and not for commercial or distribution purposes.  Please do not obstruct the guide or others in the group.Video or audio recordings of the tour commentary is not permitted.

Tripods are not permitted

Photography is not permitted inside the British Library or at the Royal Observatory at Greenwich.

You are not allowed to eat inside the Galleries.

Packed lunches can be taken in designated areas.

There are two restaurants and two cafeterias inside the  British Museum and many local cafes in the area.

The team consists of those mostly in full time service: elders and/or regular pioneers.  Whoever your guide is, you will be shown the same exhibits,  the same scriptures and receive the same information derived from God’s Word and God’s organization’s publications.  All the Guides are happy to give their voluntary service to their brothers.

All tours are available in English.  Tours for groups no less than 12 may be conducted by arrangement at time of booking in Polish, Greek, French and Spanish.

In the British Museum, the lifts make all tours accessible to wheelchair users.

Westminster Tour is accessible to wheelchair users.

Greenwich Observatory – disabled visitors will not have access to all the galleries.

There is no ‘self-guided’ tour brochure.

Large Luggage: items over 40x40x50cm or 8kg are not allowed on British Museum premises for security reasons.

In common with all Museums in the capital, visitors bags are routinely checked by British Museum security at both front and rear entrances.  Please allow sufficient time to clear security to arrive in time for the start of your Tour.

Storage for large luggage is available at major rail stations, including Euston, King’s Cross and Charing Cross.