Virtual Tours

We do not insist on any particular dress code for the ‘Virtual Tours’, but we would very much appreciate your dressing modestly and respectfully and bearing in mind that there could be individuals you do not know in the same Zoom group.

Many have enjoyed the virtual tours. However, the volume of booking request forms we have received has been so great that we have not been able to fulfil all booking requests, and certainly not on the dates and times requested. Please continue to be patient and we will strive to reply as soon as we can.

We regret, but the short answer is probably not.

The volume of booking requests has been over-whelming, and for many days the number of tours requested can be five or more times the number of guides we have available to fulfill the tours. We are working very hard to train and add more guides, but for the foreseeable future it will be unlikely you will get a tour on a date you requested if it is not a few months ahead. It is still useful to complete the booking request form date and time preferences for your group as we will strive use the same day of the week and time slot, even if it will be a later week.

We very much appreciate your making a booking request for the number of individuals you realistically expect on the tour.  Some have booked for a very large amount and then not be able to fill the group, others book for a very low number and then greatly increase. Both of these cause issues in the scheduling and can mean we will have to cancel your tour and re-book for a later date.

If you have your own confirmed group booking – You may adjust your number by up to 10 individuals. Please inform us of the revised number as soon as possible, remembering to provide the numbers split between adults and children. If you need an alteration of more than 10 individuals, please contact us first for confirmation as a re-booking may be required.

You may pay for extras the same way you paid for the whole group, but please ensure you include your Booking ID on the transfer.

Once you receive an email from us confirming your tour date and time, we shall include the payment instructions.

The payment methods available are online payments or bank transfer.

Individuals and groups less then 15 adults – you may book a tour for yourself and we will join you with other brothers and sisters from all over the world.  The tour theme will be selected by us, however you may still request your preference on the booking form, but this is not a guarantee.

Groups – groups are a minimum of 12 adults and a maximum of 80 individuals.  You may select the tour of your choice, however due to availability we cannot always guarantee this.

Due to the high volume of bookings, it is not unusual for groups to be joined up with other groups.  For example our brothers in Ireland enjoyed a tour with brothers in Zimbabwe!

Connections – please note we do not count the number of connections, the booking is counted by the number of individual adults and children.


Your Zoom link will be emailed to you 2 – 3 days before your tour is due to be conducted.

All correspondence including your Zoom link will be sent to the email you entered on the booking request form.

Please also check your Spam/Junk folder if you cannot see your zoom link.

As the Virtual Tours are interactive, not recorded, the length can vary to some degree. They will be about 1 hour to 1 hours and 30 minutes. In addition, it is usually possible to allow some time after the tour for association on Zoom.

At this time the Virtual Tours are only available in English.

Yes, we are happy for the tours to be translated, you will need to arrange your own translator.  We cannot provide translators at present.

As we can not book the translated group in with English speaking groups, we would need the group size to be more than 25.  It is essential to let us know on the booking request that the tour will be translated.