Friends from Wrexham enjoying a London Weekend with Meander Bible Tours

This group from Wrexham enjoyed Tour 9 – “Keep Your Eyes on the Prize” during their London Weekend with us.  Actually, the group seems to have picked up an interested person along the way!  Let’s hope he will take to heart the good witness he received from the well-dressed and happy group, as well as from the Bible verses and application discussed.

Comments from the group – “I would like to express my thanks for a fantastic weekend.  All the brothers and sisters were saying what a great time they had. Everything – hotel, the museums and trips – were great.  Best of all were the hard working brothers who served as our guides.  Really spiritually uplifting”.

If you have visited the British Museum recently and enjoyed a Meander Bible tour, please send your pictures and comments to and let us know if you would like your pictures included on this blog.  Also, follow us on Instagram, and tag us in your Instagram posts.

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