Learning new treasures from the old exhibits!

We appreciate [the guides] contribution to building up and strengthening the faith and joy of the brotherhood by sacrificing their time on our behalf. The friends in our congregation appreciated it very much. We look forward to scheduling another in the near future. We are inviting different members of our service group and other congregation friends each time.

Years ago, I got to visit the British Museum on several trips to the UK and took a number of your bible tours in the late 90s, early 00s. We had a long layover last year on our way to South Africa for the International in 2019 and were able to visit the Museum, primarily focusing on the Assyrian, Babylonian, and Egyptian artefacts there, but didn’t have time to take a tour. Now with the Virtual Tour option, we are able to enjoy learning new treasures about the exhibits we walked through! We are transported back in time.

[We] are so grateful to you for keeping this valuable asset open to us during a challenging time. It really gives us something to look forward to!

With warm Christian affection

[K and C]
East Clarksburg West Virginia USA

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