Dear Friends,

Our hearts are so full of gratitude for this lovely experience. The virtual tour we did was outstanding! Our guide had such a love and appreciation for the information he shared with us. He really helped to build excitement and enthusiasm for Bible research, understanding and opening our eyes to see visible proof of Bible prophecy fulfilled. It has helped to build our faith even more. One friend in our group said, “That was one of my favourite things we’ve done! Putting all those details together helps us to trust God’s Word even more.” Another said, “That was pretty amazing!” Yet another said, “That tour was so awesome!”

Thank you once more for your well organized virtual tour, friendliness and love on such a fulfilling occasion and for allowing us to enjoy it with friends from around the globe.

Your Spiritual Family in Missouri & Oregon, USA

Thank you so, so much for providing our excellent bible tour. I just wanted to mention the wonderful responses from the brothers. They were absolutely delighted and thrilled with the enthusiastic presentation from our brother [….]. Psalm 139 Will never be the same again. It really fired the imagination. Thank you.

Please do pass on our gratitude to [the guide], we were so pleased. He was very welcoming and very knowledgeable. It was nice to have our Australian cousins too. Though I think there were some shy Brummies, there was complete delight about the subject. How faith strengthening it was and how lively and interactive the presentation was. Virtual is not easy do well. Well done.

I have been asked if we can organise another.

[Birmingham Stockland Green, England]

We wanted to tell you how much we enjoyed our tour! The information was presented in such a great way. It was also great to be able to meet and speak with our brothers and sisters across the globe.

Thank you so much for offering these virtual tours!

[Newport, WA]

Dear Brothers and sisters,

I ‘write’ in behalf of our friends to express appreciation for the fantastic faith strengthening Tour we did last night (New Zealand time). We so appreciate the effort put in to the tours and revel in the international Virtual Association.

Thank you all, heaps for these great tours. We look forward to enjoying more.

Please accept our Warm Christian Love

Glendene, Auckland, New Zealand🌸

Dear Brothers, 
 We just wanted to let you know that this morning’s tour was outstanding! It was amazing how many historical and spiritual gems could be packed into 60 minutes in a way that was entertaining and easy to follow. […] did an amazing job as a tour guide and we really appreciated his perspective and his research. 
Also, since some in our group will likely never visit the British Museum in person (and none of during this time of pandemic) we want to thank you for the extra work that was needed to extend the tour to a virtual format without completely sacrificing the full museum experience.
This was definitely a highlight of our month!
Your brother,

[Portuguese Congregation, Danbury, CT, USA]

Dear Meander Tours,
THANK YOU for such an excellent tour this morning (PST time).  […] is an excellent tour guide and everyone in our group immensely enjoyed the tour. We appreciate that it was informative and presented clearly and professionally. Great use of images and presentation too. 
The friends in our group were from London, Turks & Caicos, Virginia, New York, New Jersey, Arkansas and various parts of California.
Thanks again for the great tour!
Kind regards

Dear Meander Tour brothers and sisters,

Thank you for arranging a wonderful tour … it was an amazing experience.  Faith strengthening.  With hearts full of gratitude for the wonderful program you’ve created!

Aloha and Mahalo

Hawaii tour
(Kalihi Valley Mandarin Chinese)

Thank you brothers and sisters so much for the wonderful tour! Everyone in my group just can’t stop raving about how much they enjoyed it, that they learned a lot, and they all can’t wait to do another virtual tour. [….] was a great tour guide, and the way the entire program was set up was remarkable. We appreciate the extra effort and work that must have undoubtedly gone into preparing this virtual tour content, and we hope we’ll be able to enjoy another virtual tour in the future. Hopefully, in the not so distant future, we’ll even be able to enjoy an in-person tour!

We also enjoyed getting to know the friends who were grouped with us. As so often happens in Jehovah’s organization, it turns out that we knew many of the same friends from different areas and had several friends in common. What a refreshing morning it was! It really got our day off to a great start!
Thank you again, so very much. Words really can’t describe how much we all enjoyed ourselves! We appreciate you giving us something upbuilding, encouraging, and faith strengthening to occupy our minds and hearts for a bit during this pandemic.
Warm Christian Love,
Your Sister
[Audubon Park Spanish, Indiana Congregation]

Dear Brothers

We really enjoyed our virtual tour yesterday! Thank you so much!
Brother [] did a wonderful job of imparting the information in a clear and understandable way and everyone from Surfers Paradise congregation here on the Gold Coast of Australia, wanted to express their appreciation.
May Jehovah’s rich blessings continue upon all of you.
Warm Christian love

Hello Brothers!

I wanted to say a huge thanks for such a fantastic virtual tour and especially Bro [], as our guide, [he] did a brilliant job!
It was absolutely faith strengthening and seals the deal even more so, for Jehovah’s future prophecy to be fulfilled!
Thank you so much, for putting this together over zoom!
From our small crew – Parque San Sebastian English congregation

Dear Bros.,

Our group from the Belfast FortWilliam Congregation would like to say thank you very much for the opportunity to go on the British Museum Tour 2 on Sunday. Our guide [  ] was an excellent teacher and the clarity of the visual aids were of a high standard. We all appreciated the spiritual lift it provided and we had the added surprise bonus of being joined by some of our bros. and sis. from Zimbabwe. Something we could not experience under normal conditions.

Keep up the good work, Belfast-Fortwilliam

…and another message for the same tour….

Good afternoon brothers and sisters

[ ] and I who are with Sunnyside congregation in Bulawayo, Zimbabwe would like to express our most sincere gratitude and thanks for the amazing opportunity we were privileged to have on Sunday 31May 2020 with [ ] as our guide. It was wonderful to join brothers and sisters from the Belfast congregation as well.

At this time, with all the stress that is out there, it is always so uplifting to get spiritual food at just the right time. We were and still are so encouraged when we see the fulfillment of the Bible prophecies and have had our confidence in Jehovah, the God of true prophecy, strengthened enormously.

Thank you and please pass on our warm greetings and Christian love to all involved. A special thank you to [our guide] please.

With warm Christian love

Your sisters

These groups just made it before our ‘Coronavirus lockdown’. They included visitors from Mexico, Finland, France and Canada, and their lovely smiles and waves brings a tear when we think how we will miss the wonderful visitors and faith-strengthening tours in the comming weeks.

They benefitted from Tour 9 (‘Keep Your Eyes on the Prize’) and Tour 13 –  ‘Hold Fast to What is Fine’. Let’s hope we will be able to re-commence the tours very soon.

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On Tour 9 (‘Keep Your Eyes on the Prize’) with us – visitors from USA, Hungary, Jamaica, Ireland and elsewhere. This tour really added insight to this week’s Watchtower study – looking at the lessons to be learned from the first century athletes.

While these visitors from Islington, Hackney, Holloway and Ockendon did not have quite so far to travel, they enjoyed Tour 4 – ‘Problems Faced by Early Christians’ nonetheless.

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Tour 6‘Choose for Yourselves’ Examine ancient Egyptian customs and practices which are still popular in the 21st century.Tour 9 ‘Keep your Eyes on the Prize’ What prize? How to attain it?Tour 13 ‘Hold Fast to What is Fine’ What characteristics marked the Galatians, and what influence may they have on us? Tour 3‘This is History Written in Advance’. Amazing Bible prophecies brought to life!

We currently conduct 9 different Bible tours at the British Museum. Here are groups of visitors from all around the earth – from Canada to Australia enjoying the breadth of theocratic insight, as well as fine association with so many in the worldwide brotherhood.

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We have had so many visitors from around the world, some travelling to and from International conventions. This group really appreciated Tour 9 – ‘Keep Your Eyes on the Prize’

…and this group seem very happy after Tour 13 – ‘Hold Fast to What Is Fine’.

We had visitors from USA (Texas and Warrick, New York), Canada, Australia, Surinam, Netherlands, Bermondsey (London) and many others on a very busy day.

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Here a great group from London Ealing and nearby congregations really enjoyed Tour 13 – ‘Hold Fast to What is Fine’. We expect they will have much to contribute to the ‘gems’ part of their meeting this week!

While this group of visitors from all around the world learnt how many popular customs, traditions and doctrines mean that we have to ‘Choose for Ourselves’ what God we will worship, and what it means to serve Jehovah with integrity and faithfulness. Will you benefit from British Museum Tour 6 as they did?

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All our Bible Tours at the British Museum meet at this stone lion in the Great Court. Yes, it has been better days, but it makes for a great landmark!

This week we were pleased to guide a large group from BRD who took some well-earned time off the Chelmsford project, as well as a smaller group from Ockendon congregation along with visitors from around the world.

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These were some from the happy visitors at the British Museum on Saturday. They joined some of Jehovah’s servants from USA, Norway, Australia, Ghana, Ukraine, Hungary, Poland, Uganda, Cameroon, Germany, Brazil and England. What a happy and united international brotherhood we enjoy – all to the praise of our loving God! These groups enjoyed Tour 8 – Examples of Loyal Obedience and  Tour 9 – Keep Your Eyes on the Prize.

Will you enjoy a similar faith-strengthening experience at the British Museum soon?

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Here Poole Central congregation and some new friends from different parts of the world enjoy Tour 2 – ‘Jehovah Is A God of True Prophecy’. The same tour was enjoyed a little later in the day by a group from Dunstable North (below).

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This international group of visitors, including some from Estonia, enjoyed Tour 4 – ‘Problems Faced by Early Christians.’
We had many other visitors from countries around the world really benefitting from the instruction and association with fellow believers in the British Museum today.

Meanwhile, Clapton Congregation found the new Tour 13 very interesting and spiritually stimulating.

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