I just finished the tour called The Bible and It’s Fight To Live! with […] as the tour guide. 

I’ve taken a number of Zoom Bible tours and then track and grade the tours.  Meanderbibletours.com has consistently been providing A+ tours!  The pace of your tours is perfect, the right amount of humour is included, artefacts and exhibits are displayed in an easy-to-see way and the tour guide’s enthusiasm and interaction is very enjoyable!

San Rafael, California

Great tour today!

Please let our dear brothers and sisters know how much we all appreciate these in depth tours. It has opened up wonderful conversation with our young ones and has helped our bible students to filter the truth from the false and progress towards dedication and baptism. We had 2 on today.

Thank you again.

We look forward to seeing you soon! 

[Hawks Prairie, Olympia, Washington]