“Virtual Tours” Now Available…..

We have been developing and testing “Virtual Tours” in both the Natural History Museum (London) and the British Museum.

These have been very well received, and we starting to take bookings for the tours now. Just to explain, the “Virtual Tours” are not just a streamed video, but interactive with a “live” guide using Zoom. Your guide will be a very experienced tour guide with decades of experience in conducting Bible tours. They are unpaid volunteers, and are happy to conduct the “Virtual Tours” for their spiritual family and interested ones.

If you are interested in arranging a “virtual tour” in the British Museum or Natural History Museum, please email or phone us. At this time, we are offering the following tours in this format…

British Museum

Tour 2Jehovah Is A God of True Prophecy

Tour 13Hold Fast to What is Fine

Natural History Museum

Tour 14 – “In an Awe-Inspiring Way I am Wonderfully Made”

Tour 15 – “His Invisible Qualities Are Clearly Seen”

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