Words of Appreciation for Jehovah’s Creation, from the Nature Island in the Caribbean

Thank you dear brother for giving us such a wonderful tour.  Usually people will take museum tours and look at the exhibits and remark how interesting and informative it was.  But the spiritual element, the most important part is missing.  This tour really inspired us to draw lessons from ALL creation and learn about Jehovah’s loving ways even in how a sawfish gives birth!  And to imagine the innovation and creativity that will be sparked in the new world with our connection with Jehovah even more intimate and all creation cooperating together-the possibilities are so exciting to think about.  Thank you for expanding our the vista of the new world in a pandemic no less!  A true spiritual paradise that we are currently living in to see that from all the way in the UK you can deeply affect our faith and appreciation all the way here in Dominica. Thank you so very much for playing your part in strengthening us. 

Love Jeff and Sang Mikel, Dominica, Caribbean

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